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Welcome to our company!

Al Hajar Construction is a grade A contracting company established since 1997, leading amongst other specialist discipline companies that comprises of Al Hajar Construction.

The company’s position has evolved over the past few years with an increasing number of projects and an upward growing turnover. As the workload has increased the company’s profile has been enhanced, by providing further opportunities for greater abilities to be demonstrated.

Al Hajar competes with large international organizations for projects in the local market. Al Hajar is frequently approached directly to participate in large scale, highly specialized projects where previously only international companies have been considered.

Over the years, our company has built a reputable track record for successfully completing numerous projects in high-rise and commercial building construction, industrial construction, and property development.

Al Hajar Construction Co., is a recognized Construction, Civil Engineering and Infrastructure company that strives to anticipate their clients' needs and the environmental requirements to produce effective.

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Latest Projects

JAN. 10, 2018
Al Hajar awarded contract with BDF ( Bahrain Defense Force ) to Delivers and established over the $13 Million end-to-end construction services, from engineering to design and maintenance services.
DEC. 05, 2017
Al Hajar has completed number of projects from residential to commercial, from single storey to multi-storey projets.
Revenue and Sectoral BreakDown For Last 5 Years


Year Revenue
2014 $8,439,000.00
2013 $7,665,439.00
2012 $6,322,589.00
2011 $5,523,552.00
2010 $5,028,763.00